Finding Finish Lines

Being Consistent With Grace

April 24, 2020 Sally Bulavko Season 1 Episode 19
Finding Finish Lines
Being Consistent With Grace
Show Notes

Welcome to Spring 2020, where everything feels a little upside down.

While everyone under the sun has a new "Unique" message for you about how you should be spending this time, maybe their methods aren't quite right for your situation.

I have one suggestion that works for everyone, without fail: Make it rain grace.

Grace for yourself.

Grace for everyone around you.

As athletes, the advice we hear most often is that we need to be consistent, and there is so much value in that message.

For now, though, let's let our consistency be in our grace.

Ask yourself, "What can I do to be most gentle with myself and those around me today?"

If the answer involves training, EXCELLENT! Go to work, girl.

If it involves resting, that's equally valid.

Be consistent with your grace now.

Consistency with your training will come.

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