Finding Finish Lines

Awesome Peloton Alternatives You Need To Know

April 27, 2020 Sally Bulavko Episode 20
Finding Finish Lines
Awesome Peloton Alternatives You Need To Know
Show Notes

It's Spring of 2020 and many of us are searching for ways to bring the joys of outdoor training indoors. Whether it's the weather, childcare constraints, circumstances in your area or out of an abundance of caution, it has become more desirable than ever to make training a 24-hour, safe possibility.

Which is exactly why it is nearly impossible to buy a Peloton bike!

Yes, many of your friends might have one of these deluxe training tools, but there are other ways to have a blast while getting sweaty that cost substantially less and you can start almost immediately.

Thank you so much for hanging around with me for 20 episodes already! I'm so excited for the future and grateful that you are allowing me to be part of yours. <3

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For more information about bike trainers, visit DC Rainmaker's Youtube Channel








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