Finding Finish Lines

100 Mile Ultra Racing with Sarah

May 26, 2020 Sally Bulavko Episode 28
Finding Finish Lines
100 Mile Ultra Racing with Sarah
Show Notes

Have you ever heard about another woman operating with superhuman strength or endurance? Maybe you haven't even allowed yourself to imagine doing something like that.

Well, when Sarah, a working mom of two beautiful kids, found herself living life a life she didn't recognize, she didn't bemoan her situation. She took massive action.

Sarah went from struggling to run one mile to completing a grueling 100 mile ultramarathon. Along the way, she faced injuries, disappointments and setbacks. She never quit.

She crossed that finish line, earned herself a 100-mile belt buckle, and proved to her kids (and herself) that anything is possible.

She wants you to know that whether your 100 miles is running one mile without stopping, starting a business, or even an ultra-marathon, you have it in you.

I believe it, too.

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