Finding Finish Lines

Why Worry? Control The Controllables, Brave Athletes

May 29, 2020 Sally Bulavko Episode 29
Finding Finish Lines
Why Worry? Control The Controllables, Brave Athletes
Show Notes

This is our time to shine, powerful women athletes.

We spend our free time training to control the controllables. We pay for opportunities to practice the skill, we base our lives around it, we brag about it to unsuspecting non-endurance athlete friends who look at us like we are lunatics.

We know that when we lace up for a long run, anything can happen.



The Bonk?

We don't decide to stay in because it's a big unknown...THAT'S WHY WE DO IT!

We just prepare the best we can, and we go.

So why are we allowing the possibility of delayed or changed races to throw us off our game?

Sure, racing might look different this year. We can handle it.

So this weekend, get some sleep, power up your Garmin, lace up, control the controllables, and train like the powerful athlete that you are without fear for the future of your race.

That's entirely too heavy a burden for your hydration pack.

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Until then, carry on, Women of valor.