Finding Finish Lines

Five Minute Friday: You Are Good Enough

June 05, 2020 Sally Bulavko Episode 31
Finding Finish Lines
Five Minute Friday: You Are Good Enough
Show Notes

I wish you could hear how your actions speak so much louder than the words that you use to hide from your greatness. 

If you are brave. If you lace up those shoes, or squeeze into the suit, or practice those transitions, then I think it’s time to slip into the words, too. 

Maybe it’s not in sports that you hold back from accepting how great you really are. 

Maybe you are a fantastic freaking mother who values what is important and lets the little things slide and so you tell yourself you are a mess. 

Maybe you are a friend who always shows up, who wears her heart on her sleeve, and always always gives, and yet you think you aren’t present enough.

Maybe you are an advocate for everyone around you, never backing down from a bully, always speaking up for what is right, and you’re convinced you arent doing enough because you can’t show up for every battle. 

It’s time to slip into the garments of your greatness. They have been custom made for you and hung in the closet for way too long.

And for whatever is about to come next, whatever start line you are standing on, literal or figurative, let’s take this moment to remind yourself that:

1. You are trained
2. You are ready
3. You can handle whatever comes your way. 


Because You are good enough.

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