Finding Finish Lines

When We Break the Chains

June 24, 2020 Sally Bulavko Episode 36
Finding Finish Lines
When We Break the Chains
Show Notes

Let's take a look at why we come to endurance sports like running and triathlon. I mean anything from a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, ultra racing, sprints, 70.3, Ironman...any of them.

After listening to some of the stories that we have told ourselves for so long, a song came through my headphones that helped me process what this is all about:

We do this crazy endurance training because we "Love how it feels when we break the chains." (Thanks, Imagine Dragons!)

Are you ready to break down and build back up as a woman without the heavy chains of old lies about your value and abilities?

Then let's get to it.

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Until next time, carry on, Woman of Valor.