Finding Finish Lines

Will You Be A Yes To Racing?

July 14, 2020 Sally Bulavko Episode 40
Finding Finish Lines
Will You Be A Yes To Racing?
Show Notes

Just about all of us have been handing the disappointment of cancelled, deferred, shifted-to-virtual race announcements. We have come to expect them here in 2020 in America, and it's likely the right and responsible thing to do.

So when I received a letter from Friend-Of-The-Show, Pirete the Tower Running Champion from Episode 10 sharing all about her spur-of-the-moment racing opportunities last weekend, I had to share it!

See, she had the chance to run a 9k followed by a marathon on the trails in Estonia, and she took it! Detrained, she registered without fear and went for it. What did she discover? She had it in her! She finished with incredible times and made beautiful memories.

That made me thing: the time will come when races come back to us. Will we be ready to be a Yes when our friends invite us to smash the register button? 

To make sure that we are ready to scale up, download a plan, hire a coach, and get back to racing, we can take a few simple but important steps each day to keep our bodies ready for the challenge:

1. Get MOVING in whatever way feels good and brings you joy right now.


3. Get PICKY with your food choices. Make sure you are noshing the appropriate servings of fruit and veggies to keep your store right and ready for work.

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